How to cook pasta properly?

How to cook pasta properly?

Cooking pasta

Why is cooking pasta in a pot that is too small bad?

To begin with if you are cooking pasta that is long it may not fit in the pan without the need to break it. Regardless the size or shape of pasta if you cook it in a pot that is too small it will probably come out sticky and rubbery.

Secondly if you throw pasta in too little water, you will lower its temperature a lot more than if you would have thrown it to a larger amount. Moreover, you will have to wait longer before water starts to boil again. In the meantime, before water starts to boil again, the pasta will fall to the bottom of the pot and will turn into a soft mush (if you do not mix it vigilantly throughout the cooking time). Too much pasta in comparison to the amount of water makes pasta overcook and become sticky.

How to avoid this?

Unless you’re cooking pasta only for one person (in this case you can use a small pot), follow the rules below:
1. Take a large pot (5-6 liters)
2. Fill the pot with water and bring it to boiling.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of salt (do not skimp, chefs say that pasta's water should be as salty as sea water).
4. Throw pasta in.
5. Stir occasionally until cooked al dente.

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