How to dye pasta?

 How to dye pasta?

To diversify pasta dishes, producers and cooks dye pasta in different colors. Pasta can be white, transparent, green, red, yellow, black, brown or grey. Different pasta colors can be obtained by adding chemical colorings. However we don’t approve such solution because the color is also to add a little bit of different flavor, not only aesthetic value. Original process of dying, contrary to appearances,  is simple, and even healthy. The most popular pasta color which can be found in stores include:

  • green - we obtain it by adding parsley, bazil or spinach (these seasoning can be easily found fresh in the market)
  • black - is the effect of squid’s ink (squid releases ink when it is scared)
  • red - is made from pepper dyes, dried tomatoes, or beets puree
  • brown - is made from whole wheat flour
  • yellow - obtained with an addition of saffron
  • gray - made with buckwheat (produced mainly in Japan)

Maybe this new will convince at least few of you to experiment and try to dye pasta at home. Without a problem you will be able to obtain red color by adding to blended eggs brew from pepper or beet puree, and green color by adding spinach juice or juice from blanched parsley.

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